End Procrastination and Cut Out Distraction.




What is Focus Pocus?

Focus Pocus is a productivity system that draw from the Pomodoro and Time Blocking techniques. The app helps you implement this system to achive your goals.

How does it work?


Create tags

Focus requires a subject. Create tags so you know what you're working on.

Tags help color-code your focused time. Colors shows up in graphs, helping you see how you're spending time.

You're in control. The colored tags appear when your timer is running, reminding you what you're focusing on.

Short video demonstrating the quick and easy creation new tags to categorize work.

Choose what to work on

Pick multiple tags. Timers with multiple tags give you the power to analyze how you spent your time.

Want to see only how much time you spent reading? Want to split it up by fiction versus nonfiction? Add a some tags to your timers.

What tags should I create? Don't worry, you can start with only a few. You can add tags to previous timers whenever you want.

Short video demonstration of a user setting up a 30 minute timer to study for their math class by rewriting notes.

Get focused!

See one simple color while you're focused. With different colors for each activity, you'll get in the zone faster the more you practice.

After the first few seconds, only the minutes are shown. The ticking timer won't be there to distract you or stress you out.

Choose the color of any of the tags associated with the timer to get you into a relaxed flow.

A short video showing the user starting a timer that they've setup.